Friday, 30 March 2012


On Monday my father-in-law and I painted Li Lin's bedroom.  We did two walls pink and two walls purple.  On Tuesday we added the artistic touches to the wall.  When I mean "we", I mean I chose the colours for the butterflies and he did the painting, LOL!  I couldn't paint anything to remotely resemble a butterfly... a pancake maybe, but not a butterfly!  I am especially excited we were able to paint her name in Chinese onto the wall.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so enjoy a few thousand words in picture form.
 Butterflies matched the ones in the comforter...

The other two walls are this colour...


  1. Yay for blogs! I know how you feel about "taking the plunge" with blogging! It took me forever. :)

    We're so excited to meet Li Lin too! I love her room... so feminine and soft. I think she will love it. :) Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Li Lin's room is beautiful. She is goin to love it!! How exciting your travel is a month away!!

  3. Wow I love what you did with this room, it looks fantastic!!! The butterflies and her name on the wall give it such a sweet look. She will definitely love it!


  4. Beautiful room all the way. As it was prepared with love, it shines and certainly will be enjoyed. Ready and waiting. Count down. It will not be long now. As of today, 23 days until your departure. Excitement is high. Love you all. Can't wait for the arrival of my 7th grandchild. Mom/Grand-maman