Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rykauna is sashaying ~ Sara

Rykauna is a very determined twelve year old girl.  She sets goals then strives to achieve them.  A week ago she told me she has three main summertime goals:

1. Take her bronze medallion swim course:  she started that today
2.  Enter lots of Sunday Snapshot photo contests:  she hopes to get honourable mention at least once
3.  Open up an Etsy shop (with grandmaman's creative help):  started as of Saturday night

When she told me of her three goals all I could say was, "You go, girl!"  She even asked me to put up a post mentioning her business so she gets some hits on her site, LOL!!  Please do not feel any obligation to purchase, I think she would just be happy with a few hits on her webpage.  If you want to take a look, her shop is called, Rykauna's Ruffles.  She is selling handmade sashay scarves in a multitude of colours and sizes, including American girl sized scarves.  I guess this is the modern version of the lemonade stand? 

Here is the link if you are interested or just plain curious to see what she is doing.


  1. ah, i love it! she's got so much drive :) way to go, kiddo!

  2. What a talented girl! I love that she sets goals for herself already... it shows that she is really going to go places!

  3. Her scarves are beautiful! Go Rykauna!

  4. Way to go Rykauna. Let's do this. You are a great entrepreneuse. Go get them. Mom xoxoxox

  5. Woohoo Rykauna!! You are very talented! Love the scarves :) Auntie Pam xo