Sunday, 11 November 2012

Happy 13th Rykauna!

Well, today, Sara and I officially feel old!  Sorry for all of you who have already passed this stage, but we are now the parents of a teenager!

Thirteen years ago today, I received a page from Sara (yes, a page... hasn't technology come a long, long way since then) at the end of the school day while still at work.  Time to head into the hospital!  I had been getting my stuff ready to face my first parent-teacher interviews as a full-time high school teacher.  Instead of talking to parents that evening, I became a parent (as opposed to only being called a Parent) late that night!

I will never forget that feeling when I first saw the beautiful little bundle of joy that was Rykauna.  The following day, while Sara was sleeping, I remember walking the halls of the hospital with Rykauna in my arms.  I gazed down at the tiny little face with the beady eyes and prayed for her.  I prayed that I would be a good daddy.  I prayed that she would be saved early in life.  I prayed that she would grow to become a good woman.  I prayed that she would stay healthy as she grew.

Today, looking back at the past 13 years, I can thankfully say that most of those prayers have been answered! (I'll leave the good daddy part alone for now!).  Rykauna has been and is a very determined and ambitious girl.  She is full of energy and is so positive about life.  She is excited to try new things and perseveres through difficulties.  She is a wonderful big sister and a loving daughter.  She has indeed grown into a wonderful young lady!

Rykauna is really creative.  She opened up an Etsy store to sell scarves (  Her most recent interest and hobby is photography.  Last year at school she joined the Paparazzi Club and developed her budding interest in photography.  She pleaded for an early birthday present, and so at the beginning of the summer, we bought her her 13th birthday present - a new camera!  She has put this camera to much use over the last several months.  You have been able to enjoy some of her pictures on this blog.  Here are a few more that she has taken over the last little while.
Li Lin gazing through a fence
Hudson during family fishing week.  We didn't catch anything but we had fun!
Logan showing off his catch - more weeds!
Hudson enjoying eating rice crackers
Rykauna enjoys taking close-ups using the 'macro' feature!
Hard to get a picture of Rykauna on here when show-casing her photography talents.  Here are her feet!
Mom and Li Lin running in the park.
Daddy 'the playground' Parent giving a another ride to Li Lin
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
Love Mom and Dad


  1. You are such blessed parents to have this amazing girl. And her photography is fabulous. That first picture of LiLin is WOW! If she ever feels like editing a bit and having fun with her pictures, she should check out PicMonkey, it is a fabulous free online editing website. :) Just sayin' ... there are a few times that I've got lost in there and spent a bit more time than I should have!

    happy 13th birthday Rykauna.


  2. Happy 13th Birthday Sweetheart,
    If all teenagers were like you, it wouldn't be so scary for parents to see their child reach that age. You are a very special girl and I love you very much. Continue in all your endeavours. You have already shown that whatever you put your mind to, you can and will succeed. Also remember dear girl, "With God all things are possible." Grand-maman xox

  3. Happy birthday Rykauna
    Love you lots