Monday, 6 May 2013

Li Lin's latest medical update

Today as I picked Li Lin up from her preschool she said, "Am I going to get any needles today?"
"I'm not sure," I replied.
"If I have to get a needle and I am a good girl can I get a special surprise like candy?" she questioned.
"Sounds like a good idea."

We drove downtown in summer conditions and arrived at a cheery mural filled genetics clinic.  We had a consultation with a very friendly medical doctor who specializes in genetic diseases.  We had been referred to her as part of the routine protocol of the Cleft Lip and Palate Program.  I am happy to report Dr. B. did not see any reason to even do bloodwork.  After assessing Li Lin, Dr. B. was confident that Li Lin has an isolated cleft lip and palate problem.  In other words, this is not part of a syndrome or disease.  We are thankful.

As part of the physician's assessment of her, Li Lin was measured.  She is very tiny for her age.  According to the doctor, she is on the 3rd percentile for her height.  As many of my fellow adoptive moms of Chinese children know, a more accurate assessment of height is best done on the Asian growth charts.  She is near the 15th percentile on those charts. :)

We left the office and headed to the vehicle with a somewhat disappointed but apparently healthy little girl.  "Were you hoping for a needle?", I asked.
"Yes.", she replied, then quickly added, "Can I get a special treat anyway?" 



  1. Happy One Year Anniversary Li Lin. Sure looks like a healthy little girl who has been with us now for an entire year. What a little treasure. Makes for four beautiful kids. Two girls and two boys. Love them all. Grand-maman xoxoxo

  2. So great that she is so healthy...hope she enjoyed her treat!! She's worth treating for sure! Love Pam /xx

  3. Quite the year! Bonding, language skills, pre-school, winter, new brothers and sister, new mom and dad, new country and so many other firsts. Seeing her smiles, hearing her laughs and reading about her many questions seem to reveal little girl certainly trying hard to grasp this new world she has entered. Sara, Steph you have opened your hearts in such a magnificent way. May the love you put forth envelop Li Lin and strengthen the bonds of your family. Ropa