Saturday, 2 November 2013

A twist on trick or treating... and a royally good time

October 31st has in recent years not been a day I look forward to.  I guess I have a hard time getting excited about a day that probably brings God more sorrow than any other day of the year.  I understand that for many people it is an innocent time of costumes and candy...I do not judge anyone for feeling it is a great day. For me personally, it is a day I am happy when it is over for another year. 

Before the evening's events, the kids went to my mother-in-laws for their annual trick-or-treating. 
This year, Grandmaman surprised the kids by arriving at the door dressed up as an old lady in a showercap, cane, low-lying spectacles, and a housecoat.  Li Lin was even a bit scared of the get-up! Lin Lin was clinging to big bro, Logan. Then, in a weak, faltering, voice Grandmaman beckoned them to come in and sit around her and her fireplace as she read to them a costume story with an absolutely surpising and hilarious ending. They enjoyed their large treat bags and then the older two kids stayed home with Dad while the younger two left with me.

After an open offer from a friend on Facebook, Hudson, Li Lin and I joined her, her children and another family for a visit to a local Christian nursing home.  We all brought along goodies, and with the kids dressed up in costumes (as well as two dogs in costume) we went from room to room and offered up fruit kebobs, baked treats, and chocolates to the residents.

My friend's motto she teaches her kids is that "it is more blessed to give than to receive".  Seeing the look of pure joy on the seniors' faces definitely bore that out.  The older people just loved seeing the children dressed up and loved petting the friendly dogs.  It was a fun way to go door to door without having to contend with a stash of candy later (Li Lin's teeth can't handle much candy) and much more rewarding.  Giving is way more fun than getting! We were definitely blessed by my friend's desire to do this for others.

Today, we planned an afternoon of visiting the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  We took along a couple of friends including a couple visiting from China.  It was especially fun for the kids to pet and feed goats, watch livestock being groomed for showing, check out prize-winning vegetables- including a 960lb pumpkin, and watch some cows in  competition.  We also watched some more unique shows like "Goats on the go" and a rabbit jumping show.

The rabbit show was, well, entertaining in a not so good way.  Steph and I were splitting our sides watching these rabbits absolutely bomb their jumps, try to "go on strike", and basically mess up constantly. Not to mention, every rabbit did the very same "trick".  It was one of those rare  moments when I was happy our Chinese guests spoke no English.  At least they did not have to try to make up some compliment of thanks for the rabbit show.  I would have felt sorry for them if they felt they had to comment in a positive way about the show.  One positive comment could have been, "Well, I was thrilled it only lasted thirty minutes!"  It was a bit embarrassing for us to take them to see a show that was so pathetic.  I am sure they were thinking, is this what Canadian's find entertaining?!?

I guess the answer was "yes" because Steph and I had been howling with laughter.


  1. Fun times in the Fall even if Halloween happens to come by.... Your kids are exposed to so much. Many blessings. I sure like the idea that.... it is more blessed to give than to receive. I firmly believe that....
    Grand-maman x0x

  2. This made me laugh!! Love the pic of Tante fun. And loved that the kids went Trick-or-Treating at the Senior's home. What a great idea!! I bet they were just thrilled to see the kids. It probably totally made their week! About the rabbit show...I could just picture you and Steph losing it with laughter and I had to laugh too! Welcome to Canada, eh?! How embarrassing! Love ya. Pam xx