Monday, 20 July 2015

Moving on up!

Today was a big day as Jadon was discharged from the CCCU (cardiac critical care unit), where we have been for the last six and a half weeks post surgery, to the cardiology floor on 4D.  To some degree it feels like a bit of a homecoming as we had been on 4D for over two months before this most recent surgery.  Many of the nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors and other staff from both floors were excited to see Jadon make the transition.

While we are also excited about this next step, we also realize that there are many more questions that still need to be answered.  Jadon's chest wound - the top is healing well but the bottom still has a hole through to the mediastinal cavity.  Will it heal on its own or need intervention?  Jadon is just starting to drink a little applesauce.  How will his feeding go?  Has his reflux improved at all?  How will he get his nutrition?  Will he still need the G-tube, and if yes, how soon can he get it?  How much has his heart function improved with the CABG (cardiac arterial by-pass graft)?  Will they have to do any other interventions for this?  How soon can he get off the rest of his sedatives, and pain medication?

So many questions.  Some of these questions will have answers in days, perhaps weeks.  For others we will have to wait for months.  But today, we are rejoicing!  We are Praising the Lord!  One step in the right direction!
So cozy in mommy's arms!
Smirking as we get ready to throw coins into the fountain on our walk!
Sleeping so peacefully.  Love this kid!

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