Tuesday, 19 January 2016

So close to being home... but not yet!

Jadon was supposed to come home today.  He has been doing really well.  He has improved his walking and his stamina.  He even came home on Saturday for about 6 hours on a day pass and we had a great time!  The plan was for a Tuesday discharge as Monday was to be used to make sure everything was lined up for a smooth transition.
Jadon hanging at home on Saturday with his two brothers
But, Jadon's story is never in a straight line!  On Sunday evening he seemed to be favouring his side.  By Monday the medical staff was concerned enough that bloodwork and an ultrasound were done and Jadon was diagnosed with another bout of pancreatitis.  So, for now he is off feeds and on IV fluids for calories.  The GI doc thinks that his pancreas may have sustained an injury during his major bout of pancreatitis in November, putting him at a high risk for new 'attacks'.  He was feeling pretty well despite the tenderness, but this morning he also woke up with a cold and this evening had a fever and was feeling miserable.

So, obviously Jadon's homecoming is delayed once again until they sort out this latest setback.  We are all pretty disappointed he didn't make it home today but are thankful this was caught before he did make it here.  Once again we are reminded to live life 'day by day'.
My lovely wife and superman kid... photo taken New Year's eve

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