Friday, 1 June 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do ~ Steph

Li Lin is an incredible mimic!  She has keen observation skills and quickly shows us what she's picked up from seeing the world around her.

Starting in Wuhan, we had an easy time getting Li Lin to brush her teeth as she saw all the other children do it and immediately wanted to join in.  This has also expanded to other things that she sees and observes.  She saw Sara putting on deodorant one day.  Now, one of her favourite activities is putting on underarm deodorant.  We went to the zoo the other day and she insisted on applying the deodorant in the parking lot and then carrying it in her hands as we pushed her around the stroller!  She has also noticed daddy shaving and has tried to imitate this using plastic toys.

Li Lin has obviously been in a hospital before (we know she's had a couple of surgeries).  When we got back from our first doctor's visit she showed us again her keen imitation skills.  She found her play doctor kit and brought out the plastic needle and found a ribbon lying around.  She tied the ribbon around Sara's arm (the tourniquet), gently rubbed her fingers across the bend in Sara's arm (looking for the blood vessel) and proceeded to 'poke' Sara with the needle.  She then looked smiling up into her mother's face and said "Ku, ku, mama" (meaning cry, cry, mommy).  She had just been poked a few times at the doctor's in an unsuccessful attempt at drawing blood.

When looking at a little mirror like Li Lin, it makes you more aware of the things you say and do, because it could quickly be repeated or imitated in any manner of places.  I had never noticed before, but at least one member of our family must say 'wow' relatively frequently.  Sara and I brought Li Lin to the zoo a few days ago.  As we got close to the animals, we would point them out and ask  Li Lin if she saw them.  Each time she spotted the animal, she would say 'wowie' with a twinkle in her eye!
Just last night, this wanting to imitate others worked to our advantage.  Since we got home, Li Lin has been co-sleeping with us.  She sleeps very well in our bed.  At least one of us does!  She is active during the day and active during the night!  She often ends up sleeping perpendicular to us, with one of us having her head on ours, while the other has her feet up our nose or wrapped around our necks!  Li Lin has been noticing that each of the other kids sleep in their own rooms, and has decided that she will as well.  Last night as we got her ready for bed, she grinned at us and ran to her room and lay on a mattress on the floor.  When we went to lay beside her to help settle her down, she shooed us away and pointed to our bedroom, telling us to go there.  Within a few minutes she was sound asleep in her own room, just like her jie jie and her ge ges.  Sara and I slept more soundly then we have in weeks!  Tonight she's once again in her room.  No complaints here!


  1. Many advantages to having a little monkey when her role models are so neat and positive. This will obviously continue in many other circumstances. Keep up the good work. Love you all. Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoox

  2. Glad you are still updating :) And that things are going so well! Prayers, Marianne

  3. Thanks for your updates, i just finally took the time to
    'catch up'. It was so wonderful to meet this adorable little monkey. So excited for you:) It was so good to see Li Lin doing so well and her siblings are so good with her!! Your family is amazing!!