Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tipping my hat to Mr. Mom ~ Sara

Since returning home from China, we are quickly settling into our routines both old and new.  For the first few days exhaustion combined with constantly chasing after a three year old, that was checking out every nook and cranny of her new surroundings made for me being a pretty inefficient homemaker.  Incompetent might be a better word.  Enter Steph, a.k.a Mr. Mom.

Steph willingly, without my asking or hinting, started emptying the suitcases, laundering the clothes, cooking up food, vacuuming, and tackling the kitchen cleaning duties.  Yes, I know, I am very blessed!  I am even more thankful that he is off for another two weeks!  Having him here during the initial transition days has been amazing.  It would have been tough without him.  He hasn't had it easy either, as many of you know Li Lin initially strongly disliked Steph.  With incredible patience he has wormed his way into her heart and earned her trust.  Just another reason why I really love this guy!  


  1. What a lovely tribute to your husband Sara!

    Grace Halliday

  2. Steph, you're just awesome!! So glad Li Lin is warming up to you :) Looking forward to seeing you all this summer. Take care! Pam

  3. That was beautiful! I love that picture. He has worked hard for her love and now she's giving it back. I know many daddies get frustrated post adoption bc the connection isn't there. Kudos to both of you! Glad you have such a great team mate, Sara!

  4. You are so right Sara. Steph is incredible. He is what I would call a super Dad and a loving and caring husband. I might add that he is also a wonderful son.
    You are both doing well and definitely seeing progress. Love you all.
    That is a great picture of Steph and Li Lin.
    Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  5. Little girls just have the most prefect way of wrapping their Baba around their little finger...
    I just need to work on Colin RE: the domestic stuff! ;)
    I can tell Steph is an incredible father.