Monday, 27 August 2012

More Nova Scotia pics...

Well Li Lin survived her week away from Daddy and jie jie and although she asked about them at times she seemed to do okay.  When I would re-explain where they were and when we would go get them she would smile and say, "hao" (meaning good/ okay).

On our (myself, the boys and Li Lin's) last day at my sister's place I did a little amateur photo shoot of their family.  It was lots of fun pretending I knew what I was doing...thankfully there are some good ones amongst the large lot of pictures I shot.  The most challenging part of the photo session was getting my littlest niece to smile on cue.  She is such a little personality! I love this pic of her here as she is deep in thought and about to say something profound.

Ni Hao Yall
If you are wondering what the snapshot deal is all about, just click on the link and read on.  It's a fun read!

I couldn't resist getting in a few shots of Li Lin as she had thrown on a pair of Callista's old boots.  Miss L put them on herself, on the wrong feet, but was very pleased with herself as you can see by the smug expression she is wearing.
I thought I'd throw in a pic of the fog I mentioned in the last blog posting.  It is hard to believe we swam in such thick fog.


  1. I absolutely love the family picture of you's so awesome!! And Sara, thanks again for the photo shoot you did of our family. I'm so pleased with how the pics turned out! You were great. Miss you. Love Pam

  2. Wow. The picture of Pam's little girl reminds me so much of a photo my dad has of Pam at around the same age. The facial expression is nearly identical!!

    The photo of Li Lin is darling!!