Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Question period...Toddler Style

Right now we are in the toddler questioning phase.  Yup. Nearly every parent can attest to the phase where their child asks why after almost every statement.  Li Lin is no exception to this.  She also asks random questions out of the blue.  Here is a sample of what we have been dealing with.

1.  Why do you love me? (aww...)
2.   Do monsters use toilet paper?
3.   Why can't I drive the van?
4.   Why can't Logan (our 11 year old) drive and then Dad can sit beside me?
5.   Why can't I eat chocolates for breakfast?
6.   Why can't you buy me these? (red stilletoes)
7.   Why can't we decorate the Christmas tree again today?  (in Feb!)
8.   Can I decorate the house today?
9.   Why does daddy snore?
10.  Why can't I turn five on my birthday instead of four?
Sorry I tried flipping this on two different programs and though it saved upright, it came up flipped here!

And her most common question of all.... drum roll please.
"When is my birthday coming?"  She has been asking this question at least bi-weekly ever since she could speak English.  Thankfully it is coming up next month... can't wait to see her on that day.  The ceilings won't be high enough!


  1. Sure wish we could be there to celebrate her birthday with her. :( Ok, so my favorite question of all is definitely the monster/toilet paper one. LOL!!! What a special little girl! Love Pam

  2. Yep! Your birthday is just around the corner now LiLin. It will be a grand day. The "whys" should continue though as she is a very inquisitive little girl.
    Grand-maman xox