Sunday, 17 February 2013

Valentine's Day- Love it or Loath it

Rykauna somehow bribed her two youngest sibs into allowing her to do a Valentine's Day photo shoot.  I think the big pink lollipop may have a lot to do with their cooperation modelling for her :)  Anyway, in honour of heart day, here are a few of the pics Rykauna took.

Steph and I celebrated V-day a week early.  He surprised me with  roses and a dinner out.  My mother-in -law watched the kids while we enjoyed some time together. Thanks, Mom!

On the actual day, February 14th, we had a nice time with the kids.  I had to leave after  school for a short appt with Hudson.  Steph stayed home with the other three kids.  I came home a half hour later to Steph vacuuming our home with a rag hanging out of his jeans pocket.  He had just finished cleaning one of our bathrooms!  What a blessed woman I am.  I definitely have found my true valentine...LOVE HIM so much!  Our dinner consisted of fajitas on heart shaped tortillas and red velvet cake for dessert.  The kids are so sweet about giving us little valentines, making heart shaped cookies and swirling caramel sauce into a heart shape over ice cream. For our part, a little gift each for the kids and they were all smiles.

As much as I love Valentine's Day.  I was keenly reminded that not everyone looks forward to this day though.  In fact, I think it is safe to say, many people genuinely dread it.  One of my dear, single friends texted me on Feb 14th and said, "Happy Single Awareness Day!" I love her sense of humour, but I also got the message.  This day can be downright tough on single people.  So, if you are a praying person, please pray for your single friends next Valentine's Day.  Some of them feel "Single Awareness Day" more keenly than others.


  1. Rykauna, what a fabulous job you did on the pics!! You're very talented! xo Auntie Pam
    And Cheers to Steph for spoiling my favorite big sister. She deserves it!!

  2. I am always happy to babysit my grand children. I am blessed to have you all so close. I understand the "Single Awareness Day". I too do feel it..... but I do feel blessed that that burden is lifted because of the proximity to you all. Thanks for being there. Love you all very much.
    Beautiful pictures Rykauna, my young photographer.
    Grand-maman xox