Sunday, 23 June 2013

Logan graduated into middle school

On Friday we attended Logan's grade six grad.  Hard to believe my curly topped boy is heading to middle school next year.  It was neat attending the ceremony and seeing the kids receive their diplomas.  After a brief cake  luncheon, we headed home,  and then later celebrated with Logan's favourite meal.
Logan and his teacher

Two handsome guys :)

A hint.  Logan has the appetite of the typical North American male.  Burgers.

I packed up some drinks, some tortilla chips with fresh homemade salsa and then headed to the drive-thru at the golden arches.  Hudson ordered and finished his first Big Mac ever.
We then headed to the beach and had ourselves a little picnic.  We brought some sand toys, a frisbee, and a soccer ball for the kids to play with.  The water has not had much time to warm up yet as the weather has not been all that warm.   Turns out the water temp felt fine to the kids so they went in, clothes and all!  We should have known... it doesn't matter how cold it is, if there is no ice, it is swimmable!  It was a fun way to celebrate the culmination of elementary school.  The kids had a blast and so did Steph and I.  We took along lawn chairs and just sat beside the shore and gazed out onto the watery expanse.  Taking a few moments to just sit and chill was amazing...something we do far too infrequently.
Logan arm-deep in a sand hole he dug

The four them all!

Rykauna doing gymnastics on the shore

Li Lin loves the sand and sea... she was thrilled to be at the beach


Hudson testing the water temp before going all the way in

We are so blessed to have this beach so close to home.  15 mins away.  Not bad when you live in the middle of a large city.


  1. Congratulations young man. You are getting up there in life. Soon you will be asking Dad for the car keys?????? That smile of yours is something else! Grandpapa

  2. Congratulations dear Hudson. I know you thoroughly enjoyed this year. Off to the big leagues now. It was wonderful to be at the ceremony and to see you play.... excellent drummer boy. Love you and continue smiling through it all...Grand-maman xoxoxoxoxoox