Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Quality time with my man...

This past weekend, Steph and I spent a belated birthday of his in Niagara Falls.   We did something a bit uncharacteristic... the kiddos did not come with us.  That's right, we left them in the loving care of my mother-in-law and enjoyed some time alone together.

Upon arrival to our fallsview hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to have our room upgraded from a fallsview jacuzzi suite, to a two bedroom fallsview jacuzzi suite complete with a fireplace!  It was so big we could have brought the kids along and everyone would have found a place to sleep.  Shh!  Don't tell them that though.:)

We enjoyed our time just chillin' out together, admiring the awesomeness of the mighty waters, and meandering into little shops and bistros.   It was great to spend so much undivided time together.  I just love this guy and never tire of spending time with him.  :)

We love doing this on one hand, but on another hand, we struggle with it.  Why?  Well, we feel we only have the kids for such a short time before they grow up that we want to take our vacation time with them.  I struggle with it as well because I work part-time and don't want to spend any more time than necessary away from them.

We have discussed many times about going on an anniversary cruise together, but we never have because neither one of us can leave them that long. Pathetic?  Maybe.   When it came time to go to China last year the same thing happened. The thought of leaving them was too much for us.  We just could not do it.  So the kids came along for the adoption trip.

We realize that occasionally leaving them is probably good for them and for us... so maybe, just maybe, we will try to do something like this more often than our usual of once every couple of years.


  1. I am sure the time away was good for the both of you. Anyways, it sure was good for me. lol It is always wonderful to spend quality time with my four lovely grand children. They make me proud everywhere I bring them. It is always a joy to have them and to spoil them a little bit.
    I am glad you enjoyed your time. I love the picture of both of you in front of those amazing falls. Who was the photographer?? Mom xoxoxoxo

  2. Glad to see you were able to spent such special time together. Life gives us very few of these diamonds in ones relationships especially as a couple with kids. Standing back, looking about, reconnecting and absorbing who (couple) you really are seem to help ones roots anchor even deeper into the soils of life. The kids probably missed you but they were also trying out their owns wings in life. May all your flights be grandiose. Ropa