Monday, 16 February 2015

A Happy Family Day

Saturday and Sunday were long days of waiting.   We were very disappointed when come Sunday morning the decision was made not to even attempt to get Jadon off the ECMO.   His x-ray showed a wet left lung still and the staff attending figured given the results from the Friday attempt it was best to give another day for the heart to recover.

This morning his x-ray of the left lung was pristine.   The decision was made to try to get him off the ECMO sometime in the afternoon.

Sara 's sister Pam flew in from Nova Scotia on Saturday evening.   This allowed me to go home Sunday to rest up (yeah... fighting a cold) and to see our kids.   Lilin had spent the weekend with Grand-maman.  The other ones had spent the weekend at friend's places.  This morning after breakfast at Grand-maman's the four kids and I drove to Sick Kids to spend the day with the complete family.   The kids were all very happy to see mom (and Aunt Pam) and mom was happy to hug and kiss her other 4 lovely children.  Sara took turns going to see Jadon with each of the three older ones. They were happy to see their little bro.

Originally planned for 12 noon then bumped back and back until about 5:00 (The surgeons at Sick Kids are so EXTREMELY dedicated.  Jadon's procedure was delayed because the surgeon was in another surgery that went longer than planned.  Long long hours)

Great news!  Jadon is now off the ECMO.   They took him off around 6 and so far so good.   He is maintaining good blood pressures and good oxygen levels.   His chest is still open and likely  will be until the end of the week.  The next step after the chest is closed is to get him off the ventilator.
So first positive step in his recovery... Though there are many yet to come.


  1. Hurrah! So glad to hear it! Praising the Lord with you! Hugs, J&M Sharp

  2. Praise the Lord O my soul,and forget not his benefits. Praise His Holy Name. Xoxo

  3. Climbing the hill little Man.....slowly but surely. Not there yet so...prayers are still the order of the day. Thank you Father for this measure of hope.
    Grand-maman xoxoxo