Wednesday, 18 February 2015

More steps but not out of the woods yet

We have been rejoicing over Jadon bring removed from the ECMO  Monday evening.  He has tolerated it quite well.  They have had to put him back on some of the blood pressers which was expected.

Unfortunately Jadon has developed a fever.   Again apparently this is not completely unexpected but must be monitored closely to make sure it is not a sign of an infection.  They are icing him to help bring the temperature down and have started two courses of antibiotics in case.

On another good note. .. The surgeons went in today and completely closed Jadon's chest.   They had left it open after the surgery to allow for the swelling of the heart to go down, and after the ECMO was removed in case they had to put him back on it. They had originally anticipated the chest staying open until the end of the week but here we are on Wednesday and it is nicely closed shut.

Slowly things are moving in the right direction.   Jadon is still sedated and will continue to be so for a while as he is still on the ventilator in the critical care unit for several days yet.


  1. Praise God.
    Mom Parent xoxoxo

  2. Thanks for the update! Thankful for the progress, and we continue to pray!
    Steph W

  3. appreciate these updates... and still praying frequently for little Jadon and your family. Hope you're feeling better Steph!