Sunday, 6 December 2015

Heading in the right direction once again!

Well it has been another eventful few weeks.  Jason has been in the CCCU for two weeks.  He has gone through stages of extreme lethargy, to discomfort to agitation.  He has had days and nights of almost constant sleeping to days and nights with hardly any sleep. He's gone through another round of multiple medications.  He has been NPO'ed (no food through mouth, or for him, gtube), and had feeds started once again.  He has gone through intessusception and pancreatitis.
Yet here he is once again smiling.  The last few days have been pretty good.  We've seen the rascally Jadon come out again.  He's squirted several staff members with water from syringe during rounds.  He's taken to playing on a mattress on the floor, even napping there at times, prompting the head of the ICU to take his picture and send it to the CEO as 'proof' that they need more critical care bed space at Sick Kid's! ;-)
We are currently waiting to see how the new prokinetic drug they started about a week ago is working to increase his esophagus motility.   If this works it would be great.  If not we are likely looking at another surgery to undo the fundoplication.  We are desperately praying that this works and we can continue heading in the right direction.

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  1. Desperately praying as well!! Love you Jadon! Auntie Pam xoxo