Thursday, 12 March 2015

A plan and some baby steps

The doctors met on Monday to discuss Jadon and the decision has been made to plicate his diaphragm.   Given where he is at he is not handling lower settings on the ventilator and therefore is really not able to be extubated.  He is still fighting fevers and his right lung doesn't look great on X-ray.   Once those two things are cleared up he will head back into surgery.   They are continuing his antibiotic regimen and have also started him on antifungal medication.  His fevers seem a bit less intense do hopefully things are starting to work.

Meanwhile he had generally been more awake and somewhat responsive. On Monday evening Sara and I even got a few smirks out of him while playing with his bravery beads with him.   His eyes also lit up and he had a little smile when we played a Jesus Loves Me video on YouTube.   It has long been one of his favorites. 
Here is one of the smiles we got from Jadon on Monday.  Warms our heart!

Tonight I brought all the kids down to Sick Kids as I have the last 3 Thursdays (as well as Fridays and usually sometime over the weekend).  We are able to have supper together as a family (or at least the kids can eat with Sara since  if Jadon is awake, I stay with him.  Afterwards the kids take turns with either Sara or I to come down and visit with Jadon while the other kids, for the most part, hang-out in Marnie's lounge.  It is a great place with a pool table, air hockey table, table-top hockey, pinball machine and different gaming consoles and movies, as well as amazing child-life specialists and volunteers who play games and do crafts with the kids.  It really helps to make our many visits to the hospital positive for the rest of the family.

First Bravery Bead Necklace

Tonight, Logan was able to get a few smirks from Jadon while playing with him.  Rykauna has been very faithful in collecting Jadon's bravery beads.  This is a program from Sick Kids in which children get different beads for being 'brave' during different procedures/tests/surgeries/follow-ups etc...  They are then encouraged (or in Jadon's case, his siblings have been) to thread them into a necklace.  This way, there is a representation of the child's 'story' of their hospital visit.  Jadon is working on necklace number 3 already.  Each bead represents some level of medical work done on him.  He will have quite the story.


  1. I love hearing of Jadon's smiles... and the kids' hospital visits... and seeing that first bravery bead necklace!
    Praying the baby steps forward soon turn into at least toddler steps... :) Praying for each of you!

  2. All so positive during a family crisis. All rooting for Jadon and diligently praying for our little man.
    Grand-maman xoxoxo

  3. What a story this brave little one will have after all this is over.... Love him more each day and praying for you all xoxo

    Aunt Carole and uncle Gerry xo