Sunday, 22 March 2015

Finally off the ventilator!

Since the surgery on Jadon's diaphragm, the settings on the ventilator have been continuously lowered.  As Jadon has been able to maintain appropriate oxygen saturation levels and breathing rates, the decision was made to extubate him this afternoon.  Around 2:00pm, the tube was pulled and Jadon was ventilator free!  He currently is receiving some oxygen nasally (about 45%) on something they call 'high-flo' but he has been doing well.  He is somewhat congested and needs to be suctioned frequently but his SAT levels are being maintained at a beautiful 95%+.

The next goals will be to get Jadon's fluid levels balanced, his sedation medications continuing to be weaned, his feeding regulated and being able to swallow.  Once these are accomplished, he will be able to move out of the Critical Care Unit.  Given his reflux issues and balance issues this might still take a little while, but we are very happy for the positive steps forward.  We are praying that he does not relapse overnight and that he is able to continue progressing towards complete health!

On the home front, Logan has had a couple of pretty miserable days.  He has had a hard time falling asleep due to discomfort and has been sleeping in the lazy boy in the living room so he can prop his arm up, a position he feels more bearable.  He is feeling a bit better this afternoon so we are hoping sleep will be easier also tonight.

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  1. Come home little guy. Love you.
    Hang in there Logan. You are doing well. Love you.
    Grand-maman xoxoxo