Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Moving Day :-)

After 43 days,  Jadon is finally out of the Cardiac Critical Care!  We have met very many wonderful people who have been dedicated in their care of Jadon for one and a half months.  He is a sweet little boy and even heavily sedated he seems to have wormed his way  into the hearts of many of his caregivers.

This afternoon he was moved up to the step down room on the cardiac floor.   This is a transition room between the critical care and a regular ward room.

But of course, things with Jadon are never straightforward.   Yesterday and today he had some fevers. His white blood cell count was up.   Signs of an infection again!   The sternal incision on his chest split open again and there is an infection there.  Two types of antibiotics have been started and hopefully this will take care of all that.

They are now working with Jadon to strengthen him and to get him eating and drinking.  He is slowly becoming more alert with some signs of our little guy with the big personality that we all love and miss so much!


  1. Wow, one step forward and two steps back eh? Nice to hear he's in transition and heading in the right direction. We'll just keep on praying for this little one, he seems to have wormed his way into many of our hearts and minds also during this last while.

  2. So thankful to hear the progress! Praying that the fevers will be taken care of with the a/b's. Hoping Logan is doing better, too?
    Continuing to pray for you all!

    Love in Him,

  3. Hooray for no more ventilator!! Praying that the fever goes AWAY and that the incision heals up quickly...and praying for Logan too! Love to all of you, Pam, Dave and girls xoxo