Thursday, 30 April 2015

Another month... another surgery coming up!

Jadon's cardiovascular system is working quite well.  He has been oxygen for almost two weeks and is comfortably maintaining SATs in the mid 90%s and his nurses keep commenting on how clear his lungs sound.  That is great!  We have been able to go on walks with Jadon around the hospital.  Since he is not connected to oxygen, it is easier to make our way around without wheeling the oxygen tank with us.  Jadon is still dependent on IV feeds and so the pole has accompanied us around.
Happy to take a walk around the hospital!
However, he is able to take some food (yogurt-formula combo) and so is able to be off the IV feeds for a few hours a day.  Yesterday Sara was able to walk with Jadon, sans IV pole, all the way to the Eaton Center for a bit.  It felt great to be 'normal' for a few hours.

Jadon still suffers significantly from reflux and there is concern about him aspirating food leading to a lung infection.  He is on several medications for this but none are doing the job.  It has been decided that Jadon will need a fundoplication (they tie part of the upper stomach around the bottom of the esophagus to help close off the hole and decrease the reflux), as well as fixing his hiatial hernia, and giving him a G-tube (feeding tube directly into the stomach).  We will find out more early next week as to exact surgery time.  The medical team figures that this will help him with his feedings and allow him to get enough calories to start putting some meat on his bones, which will further give him strength and help his recovery.

So, back under the knife!  We are thankful that the fundoplication and hiatial hernia repair can be done laparoscopically (through a small incision with a long fiber optic cable system, rather than a large cut).  This should decrease the recovery time for Jadon and hopefully hasten his way home!
Jadon really loves splashing in water and his siblings were happy to join in!


  1. This update seems very positive despite announcing yet another surgery... thankful for progress, thankful for a wise medical team and modern healthcare and thankful for Jadon's super awesome family :) Praying this latest surgery will get him home!

  2. Hi Steph and Sara, sorry to hear Jadon will need the fundo--Sara you do seem to have a 6th sense about these things as I remember you mentioning it to me a few weeks ago! He looks better than when I last saw him 2 weeks ago and great to hear he is needing less oxygen. Hope you are hanging in there. Take care, Helen (former social worker!)