Thursday, 16 April 2015

Getting stronger day by day

Jadon has had a mixed week last week.  He has had ups and downs with some fevers, coughing episodes, vomiting and more tests, but up until today we have been very encouraged.  As of this past weekend he has gained in strength,  has become more and more interactive and is starting to stay sitting up completely on his own!  I timed him on Tuesday where he stayed sitting on his own in his crib for two minutes, initially using his core and then leaning on his right arm. I know sitting for 2 minutes doesn't sound like much but given where he was only a couple weeks ago, we are thrilled!  We also took advantage of the nice weather and Jadon has gone outside for a few walks around the hospital.
The challenge now is Jadon's feeding.   He is currently getting all of his nutrition through the NJ tube.  The plan is to get him eating again.   He had a feeding test on Tuesday. He tolerated thick puree and thin puree.   Aspirated a little on thick liquid and a lot on thin liquid.  Jadon coughed when he aspirated which is a good sign.  The plan was to start yogurt for a couple days then introduce other foods.   Jadon had a little yogurt Tuesday supper time by ended up vomiting it out overnight.  Since then he has been wretching and vomiting quite frequently and his fevers have been persistent.  The medical team are deciding how to proceed with Jadon's nutrition so anything orally is currently on hold.
So there are still issues to sort out but there has been some notable progress.


  1. Such a special picture!! Glad he was able to go outside for a wee stroll...we'll definitely be praying for his fragile health to improve and for the medical team to know how to proceed with his feeding!! Love to all of you. Pam and Dave xoxox

  2. We are glad to read that Jadon has shown notable progress. You are such wonderful, supportive parents and we continue to read your updates on a regular basis. Praise be unto Him who can strengthen and encourage you! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers out here in the West. Bon courage! Sylvie, Grant, Mylène, Étienne et Élyse

  3. Thankful for the update. We continue to pray for you throughout this journey. Love the picture here, Jadon is a beautiful child. Praying for his healing and your continued strength.