Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Visit

Due to my being sick over the last week we had not been able to go see Jadon as a family for a while.  The kids were very excited yesterday afternoon as we headed down to the hospital after our Easter Sunday program.  I was a bit apprehensive because Jadon had not really been doing well when I last saw him Saturday afternoon.

We arrived at the hospital and all had lunch together as Jadon was sleeping.   We then took turns to go in to see him.  He was more alert than we had seen him.   He was shaking his rattle and playing tug of war with a ball andnodding his head yes when asked if he wanted more bubbles.   We were thrilled to see Jadon's little personality come out even more.

Our wonderful nurse took a family picture for us!  Heartwarming day. Rykauna  and Logan even each had an opportunity to hold Jadon for a few minutes.
Jadon 's oxygen settings are still on quite high, so there is still a long ways to go.  We are hoping they can start weaning him down today.  We are hard back to the hospital for another visit this afternoon.


  1. I love this beautiful family. So looking forward to giving you all home.
    Love you all.
    Your praying Grand-maman xoxoxo

  2. I love this family. Looking forward to having everyone home.
    I love you all.
    Your praying Grand-maman xoxoxo

  3. What a beautiful picture of you all! Your children have grown so very much since we saw you in China in 2012. We are praying for you on this incredible journey!