Saturday, 13 June 2015

Another bump on the road!

Jadon had a really rough day.  We found out early in the afternoon that he has a staph infection in his blood from one of his arterial lines (that he had already managed to pull out).  He is already on antibiotics so he should be able to fight that off.
The cardiac surgery team came by to change the vacuum dressing for the infection in his sternal incision.  It is now badly infected.  The fellow cleaned it up a bit but the plan is for Jadon to go back to the OR tomorrow to get it reopened, cleaned up and closed again.  We've been told that they typically need to go back to clean and re-close 1 - 3 chests a year.  Jadon needed that procedure done back in March following his February surgery, and now he is back once again!
As a result, his breathing has not been going well, his body became overwhelmed with the infections, and he was reintubated this evening.  So he is resting on a ventilator now.  Unfortunately, a lot of this trip through the ICU is looking very familiar from the previous trip in Feb/March... not something we wanted to relive!

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