Thursday, 4 June 2015

Out of Surgery!

Jadon went in for surgery this morning.   We got him up shortly after 6:00 to do the antiseptic scrub and get him prepped for surgery.  Around 7:30 we were told that an emergency case came up over night and to expect to go in around 11:30.  We got the call shortly after 10:00 and we dropped Jadon off shortly before 11:00.  We did not know the length of the surgery but were told the OR was booked for 8.5 hours.  The total surgery time ended up being 9 hours.
Just a few moments before Jadon got the first of his sedation
Was in awe at the thickness of Jadon's medical chart - this is before today's surgery!
They successfully completed the bypass graft and there is blood flow through the artery.   He was on high levels of blood pressure sustaining meds but they have been able to wean them down enough that he does not need to be on ECMO.  They are leaving his chest open for now to allowing swelling to go down and provide easy ECMO access if necessary.  The surgeon told us with a grin "My fellow did some research and Jadon is the youngest patient ever to receive a coronary artery bypass graft at Sick Kids"  The surgeon is pleased.  We are waiting to go in to see Jadon now.


  1. Dear Steph and Sara and children:
    You are on our hearts and minds most of the time. May the Lord continue to strengthen and support you through this extended trial.
    Love, Dad & Mom

  2. Amen and thanks to our great God. So so pleased and continuing to pray for sustained and emotional support for you and quick recovery for Little Man.
    Love you all. Grand-maman xoxoxo