Tuesday, 9 June 2015

You'd think we would have learned!

After Jadon's surgery on Thursday, he did quite well.  He was weaning off the blood pressure meds, his chest was closed on Saturday, his fever was coming down and they were starting to wean the sedation.  On Sunday afternoon he was extubated.  We were hopeful for a short stay in the critical care unit this time through.  Unfortunately we forgot that recovery is a roller coaster ride!  Late Saturday and into Sunday and Monday Jadon became very agitated.  When he came out of sedation he would thrash about and complain. Jadon was still out of it during these times.  He would aggressively grab at his lines and moved about to the point he was very hard to hold down.  He managed to pull on his arterial line enough that it stopped working.  Seeing as it is used to constantly monitor blood pressure (which has been fluctuating wildly), he needed another one inserted.
Immediately after being extubated Jadon was on only 2L of oxygen on nasal  prongs.  Since then he has needed more help breathing and is currently on 18L of hiflo at 40% oxygen.  He has developed a fever and his infection markers are up.  His chest incision has opened up and is infected.  He is not doing great at this time once again.  Unfortunately it looks like our stay in the critical care unit will be longer than hope for.  Please continue to pray.

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  1. So, so sorry that he has to go through all of this. Was soooo hoping that this time would go a lot more smoothly!!! Praying hard for all of you. I'm sure exhaustion is huge right now! Love you, Pam xoxo