Sunday, 16 August 2015

It's not all smiles and chuckles!

Some days just look like this.
One of the not so good days at physio!
 Jadon has not been feeling himself lately.   He has a urinary tract infection and has been fighting fevers,  nausea and overall malaise.   We aren't sure if some of his discomfort is due to too rapid a wean of his narcotics.   He has been quite grumpy and we don't see much of his happy smiley self.   The biggest challenge we have faced is his seemingly impossibility of getting a regular night's sleep.  Jadon sleeps fitfully and is often awake more than ten times a night.  Obviously this leads to lack of sleep for whichever of Sara or I will are with him for the given night.  The lack of sleep is wearing on us and some days we feel just like Jadon looks in the above photo.

Tonight we are trying something new.  We have a regular bed and I will be co-sleeping with Jadon.  Hopefully this is a key to some rest for all involved!  Please pray that he starts to sleep as we are getting exhausted.
Jadon and I will attempt to share this bed!

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  1. So... getting exhausted!??!? That must be the understatement of the year! Keep on keeping on. You guys are amazing! Praying you'll all get a good night's rest. Lauretta