Tuesday, 4 August 2015

More Steps in the Right Direction!

This has been a good weekend for Jadon.  His sleeping has improved.  It's funny how your perspective changes.  If someone asks us if Jadon has a good night, we will cheerfully say yes as long as:
1.  he only wakes two or three times between bedtime around 9:00pm and wake-up time
2.  he stays awake for less than 1.5 hours during his one long wake-up time (around 2 am)
3.  he sleeps in past 5 am
So, did Jadon have a good night last night?  Yes, yes he did!
Jadon sleeping soundly during a nap.  What a sweetie!
Jadon has made a lot of progress with his feeding.  He is eating more on an almost daily basis.  His main food is a smoothie combo of some sort of nutritional supplement drink thickened with an apple/pear/apricot sauce or some yoghurt.  He is also starting to eat some 'real' food.  We are now calorie counting in hopes that he will be able to compeletely get off the TPN and lipids (IV nutrition).  This would make life so much simpler and more enjoyable!

Jadon's sternal wound is also progressing well.  On Friday we had a consult with Plastic Surgery who recommended a muscle flap graft - basically cutting through the skin and muscle above the sternum (the stuff that just healed) and pulling across some of the pectoral muscles on top of the sternum.  If the sternal bone (or what is left of it) needs work done, that would be done as well.  Given that the two surgeries invloving cutting Jadon's sternum have both led to a huge fungal infection, Sara and I are (understandably in our books!) hesistant in moving forward.  The CV surgeion suggested going in for anothe debridement procedure to see if that would help first.  If not, the muscle flap graft surgery will remain an option.  So, Sunday late morning we made a quick trip back to the CCU for the debridement.  They scraped away the dead tissue and stimulated the fresh tissue to promote blood flow and, consequently, healing.  The wound looked better than anticipated and does not go all the way through.  We are looking forward to the dressing change this afternoon to see what progress has been made!

Meanwhile, Jadon is more and more himself.  He is smiling more and particularly likes when things fall or make a noise.  The last few days he has even been sitting up on his own onve again!
One of his favourite pastimes,,, washing his frogs! 

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  1. I love this post!!! Praying for continual healing and improvement! Love his smiling face:):)