Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Another surgery date... hopefully the last.

More news today.   Both the CV surgeon who performed Jadon's two heart surgeries, and the general surgeon came to see Jadon and it has been decided to move ahead with the two surgeries that Jadon was originally scheduled to get in early May.  The G-tube will allow us to get enough calories into Jadon to promote growth and development while the fundoplication (basically wrapping the top little section of the stomach around the esophagus to create a sphincter) should help control Jadon's reflux and regurgitation.  The OR has been booked for September 2.  If all goes well (and unfortunately given his track record that is a big big IF) Jadon should be able to come home a couple weeks after surgery.  We are so looking forward to that day!

Meanwhile Jadon is still not sleeping much st night but has beenough much happier the last few days.  He is more engaged Austin and trying harder and enjoying physio once again!  Now we have 2 weeks to get him as healthy and as strong as possible before the next surgery.

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