Sunday, 20 September 2015

A one-way ticket out of the CCU hopefully!

It has been 18 days since Jadon's most recent surgery.  Since his cardiac arrest he has progressively been improving.  Jadon has once again battled through major setbacks.  He spent 'only' two weeks in the critical care unit this time.  His kidneys and liver are working much better.  He has been able to maintain a much better fluid balance.  His feeding tube is working well and he is now able to get full nutrition through this.  He is sitting up in bed for well over an hour.  He has started taking some food orally once again.  We are able to go on short walks around the hospital again.
Jadon is still on a little bit of oxygen and is still requiring to be suctioned periodically.  The medical team will be starting him on some more heart medication that will help to deal with those issues.  The finally seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are hoping that over the next little while Jadon will continue to gain strength and that soon we will once again be reunited as a family.  That day can not come fast enough!
Brave Jadon showing many of his battle scars, his newly inserted G-tube, his pic-line and oxygen.  We all think his chest incision is now 'looking great' compared to what it has been!


  1. Dear Jadon, You are a hero. We love you to the moon and back! Can't wait for the day when you can finally go HOME!! Love, Auntie Pam and Uncle David and girls. xoxoxo

  2. What a little trooper!! Praying and waiting for you to get stronger so you can go home!! Luv u little man xoxo

  3. What an incredible story! He is a very brave little guy. Faith and prayers at work in Jadon. Hope the family is soon reunited.