Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Twas the night before surgery... yet again!

Well here we are yet again.  Another nervous night before another surgery.   Jadon is scheduled to be the first case for General Surgery tomorrow.   The plan is to do a G-tube insertion and a fundoplication.  The hope is that after this, and his recovery time, he will be able to come home.  We are once again looking forward to the surgery bring completed but are also apprehensive of post-operative complications given Jadon's track record.  The plan is to do the fundoplication laproscopicly which is less invasive and should mean a quicker recovery time.

Jadon had progressed a lot over the last week.   He is more engaging, more active and even took several steps on his own.  Once again, he hits new milestones just before surgery.   This makes it hard to think of him going under the knife again just as he is getting better, but we are thankful that this shows his body is stronger and thus more ready to withstand the ordeals of another surgery.

We continue to appreciate all of your prayers for Jadon, for the two of us here at the hospital with him, and his siblings and family waiting nervously at home.
Jadon grooving at Buskerfest last weekend

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