Thursday, 3 September 2015

How much can one little guy take?

Jadon had his g-tube insertion and fundoplication surgery yesterday.  The surgery itself was a success and the doctors even fixed a small hiatial hernia.  The surgery took almost twice as long as planned because as the world renowned and award winning general surgeon said "He was really tough" to work on.

The postoperative phase however was not nearly as good.  He went back to the cardiac floor and starting having some respiratory issues.  Eventually he was overwhelmed and he had a cardiac arrest.  The nurse and doctor were in the room and CPR was started immediately and the episode was relatively short... about two minutes, though to us it felt like hours!  He is now in the CCU once again, resting on the ventilator with two blood pressure meds to support him.  His kidneys are not functioning well, but he seems to be neurologically intact.  They plan to leave him on the ventilator for a few days to allow his body to rest and his vocal cord swelling to go down.  Yet another issue!  We are losing count, yet this absolutely brave warrior pushes on!

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