Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Dilatation did not work...

So on Friday, Jadon went in for another procedure.  The plan was to insert a balloon attched to a scope down his esophagus to the spot of his fundocplication.  Then the balloon was inflated to try and dilate the site of the fundoplication to allow for secretions to flow through better.  Jadon had to be sedated and therefore had to be intubated again.  The procedure went well but accomplished nothing.  The doctor who performed the procedure indicated that the tightness of the fundoplication was not the issue.  The medical team was not surprised to hear this as this was somewhat expected but they had hoped that it might help.

So, we are now on to the next plan.  They team is talking about several different drugs that would likely help the motility of the esophagus.  Whether these need to be given for a while or to perpetuity is anyone's guess at this time.  There are a few different options with their pros and cons and we are waiting for their recommendation.

Meanwhile, Jadon is doing fairly well still attached to the replogle tube.  He has started retching a bit during feeds once again and the team is still struggling a bit with keeping his fluid balance down.  Overall he is in good spirits and we love the little fellow.  Time will tell what the long-term prognosis is.
Jadon playing with one of the therapy dogs
Making one of his many faces!

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