Saturday, 5 January 2013

Long Live Duct (Duck) Tape and those who love to clean!

  Yesterday, more than ever, I realized how out of touch I am with the crafts of today.  I had no idea duck tape crafts even existed; nevermind, that they could look sort of cool!  On Friday, my oldest daughter, Rykauna, spent the afternoon making duck tape crafts with a friend of hers.  I was impressed with the functionality of the duck tape wallet she made.  Her brothers were obviously too as they each ordered and paid for a wallet of their own.  Hudson, ever the sweetheart, paid for a change pouch to be made for Li Lin.  Rykauna had already graciously made little L some duck tape hair barrettes.  Even Steph got in on the action and ordered a tri-fold wallet for himself.

Have a look and see for yourself!  Not bad for humble duck tape.  Although with these funky styles duck tape is stepping out in style.

On a side note, Li Lin just cleaned up her room on her own a few minutes ago.  Yup, no prodding, no asking, just a self starter!  To top it off, she just asked me if she can tidy up Hudson's room and then tidy up Steph and I's.  Let's just say I didn't take long giving her an answer! :)  It is hard to believe it but this nearly four year old child loves to clean!  I am all smiles!  As I helped her finish off some of my room she asked if she can now tidy up Logan's and then Rykauna's rooms.  She was a little disappointed to find out their rooms were fully tidy.  She was hoping for more to clean but was frustrated to find out the rest of the home is presently spotless.  Well not spotless, but tidy.


  1. I'm out of touch too... cool wallets! :)

    And.... can I borrow Li Lin???????? I have four floors... and does she do bathrooms?? ;)

  2. Wow! That Miss Rykauna is going to be a serious entrepreneur, one day! Awesome job, Rykauna! And can you please bring LiLin to visit my house! One of my daughter's rooms is always in sad disarray!

  3. How cool is that?! One is a business lady and the other is a could have a Molly Maid service going in no time :) Great job on the duct tape crafts, Rykauna!! Very talented! Love Pam

  4. Great crafting with the duct tape! Maybe she can show us the next time we come over for a visit!
    Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


  5. One more for you Rykauna. Great job. I can now see the great concentration you required to get all these done. Love your outlook on life and how you love to get involved..... Keep it up girl.
    Well LiLin, the little Molly Maid is a natural. She also loves to get involved in her own way.
    Love both my grand daughers.
    Grand-maman xoxoxoxoxo