Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Imax was cool...the attachment is cooler.

On Thursday I took Li Lin to the Science Centre while the other kids were at school.  Having noticed a new IMAX film playing, I decided to purchase tickets for the two of us.  Wasn't I surprised when I showed up at showtime and found out we were the only two ticket holders!  Yes, that's right...we sat alone in an empty theatre just like celebs.  It was pretty cool!

Nowhere near as cool as Saturday morning though...Li Lin asked us if we could go back to China today so she could say, "Yao, Daddy. Yao, Daddy. (want daddy, want daddy) Come here daddy, come here daddy." 

Then she said, "I want to make his heart feel better." 

While in China, she would sometimes say, "Bu yao baba. Bu yao baba (not want daddy, not want daddy).  She says her heart feels sad that she said this to him while we were there.  It seems she wishes she could rewrite this part of her China adoption story.  She genuinely regrets her treatment of Steph.  He, of course, reassures her that he is not upset by it.

On another note, over the past two weeks she has had us tell her "China story" over and and over again.  She stipulates that we must start with, "Once upon a time...and finish with, "the end."   Rarely does a supper go by when she doesn't ask at least one of us to tell her story.  Sometimes she will ask several of us to give our own version of her adoption story.  It is getting a bit  old for some of her sibs, but they patiently oblige her knowing and understanding it is therapeutic for her.  It would not be an exaggeration to say we have told her over fifty times.  She, for her part, loves it and apparently never tires of it. :)


  1. special, her wanting to go to China again to change her treatment of Steph. She is so cute!!! It would be cute to make an actual book for her and get it published. Just love her so much. Pam xo

  2. I just stumbled across your blog! How sweet of her to want to hear her adoption story over and over again. Have you ever read the book Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born? it is a great story about adoption and how one girl wanted to hear her story over and over. Here is a link Have you ever thought of writing a book/photo book to help tell her story?
    Thanks for sharing your story! I enjoyed reading!

  3. Yes, this dear little one is a creature of habits. Stories of her adption is definitely therapeutic. It is wondeful that she naturally asks for what she needs. It is also cute and endearing to hear that she wants to mend her first approach to Steph. That she remembers at all is amazing. She certainly doesn't forget much. Anyways, she sure loves Steph now.
    I am sure that at a later date, she will read and reread this blog. It is a fascinating story that even I do not tire of reading.
    Love the little munchkin and all her siblings of course. They are great with her.
    Grand-maman xox