Saturday, 12 January 2013

The January Oxymoron

Today was an unseasonably warm January day.  We have snow, or at least slush, and cold, frigid temps in January.  Today the kids were biking.  Yup... biking.

Biking and January are not usually found in the same sentence around here but today I can happily say the kids were out biking on January 12th!  It was a great outdoor time of pogo sticking, biking and taking down the Christmas lights.  Rykauna even managed to get in some time of lounging on the hammock!

I hadn't seen a pogo stick in years, (except the edible kind) but Logan got one for Christmas so it was great fun seeing how many bounces they could do.

Getting a jump on learning to ride a bike...she just loved it!

Logan and Hudson helped Steph put away all the lights and extension cords.
 Small remnants of the white stuff can be seen here and there but it is melting very fast! :)

So glad the kids got in some sliding, tobogganing, sledding, or whatever you choose to call it, over the holidays 'cause who knows if they get a chance to do it again this winter.


  1. I am just slightly jealous... It is actually green there! Pogo sticks must be the rage this year... one of mine got one too.

  2. What happened to your winter? Nice to see all the kids enjoying the outdoors at this time of year. No BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR temp. forcing everyone inside. No better up North (+8C). Remember: In like a lamb, out like a lion! Ropa

  3. Glad to see everyone taking in an early Spring activity day in January. Love it. The pictures are great. Hop along kids.
    Grand-maman xox