Monday, 14 January 2013

The Speech Therapist won't forget us anytime soon!

Today Li Lin had her speech reevaluated by a community Speech Language Pathologist.  I am pleased that the SLP feels she has come a long way in her speech since she was originally seen in July at Sick Kids.   

I have to say though, this little girl makes an impression on people everywhere she goes.  At one point the SLP was getting Li Lin to say the word, "teeth".  The therapist was opening her mouth and showing Li Lin how to make the "t" sound.  Li Lin did not immediately make the sound but started pointing to the woman's teeth and saying something the therapist could not make out.  The therapist looked at me and I said, "Li Lin is telling you that you have a green speck on your front tooth.  Maybe some leftover salad from lunch."  How embarrasing!  For me and the therapist. :)  Especially after Li Lin asked her if she could watch her brush her teeth! 

Another comical moment came when Li Lin spontaneously told the therapist that she can do gangnam style dancing.  (One of her older sibs taught her a few weeks ago unbeknowst to me)  Li Lin then proceeded to ask the SLP if  she could do gangnam style dancing.  The therapist said she did not know how.  As I expected, Little L then proceeded to say, "I can show you." 

After her demo, she asked the SLP to try.  At first the therapist was not really going to do it, but Li Lin insisted by taking the SLP by the hands and encouraging her to stand and give it a go.

I am quite certain the therapist won't forget our appointment for a while!

For her part I don't think it will be hard to get Li Lin to go for the weekly therapy sessions that are to start in February.  After all, she had a blast.


  1. Love it! So much character in this precious little gift you've been given :) Love her <3 Looks like the therapist is going to learn a few things during these sessions too! LOL

  2. Oh my what a crazy little sweetheart!! Can't believe how hilarious she is sometimes! Wish I could give her a little squeeze :)
    Miss ya. Love Pam

  3. Love this...true evidence of her healing heart, lovingly soothed by her obliging family. Reminds me of our adoption story's that never grow old. What a great reminder:)

  4. Yes, she is full of character that one. You never know from one minute to the next what will come out of her mouth. I am afraid she will embarrass you many times before she gets older. Especially now that her speech is clearer. She sure has a winning personality as she does make an impression on all who meet her.
    Grand-maman xox