Sunday, 10 May 2015

Home for a Happy Mother's Day Visit!

Jadon was given a day pass so he could come home for a few hours so we could celebrate Mother's Day together as a family.  I drove down to pick up Sara and Jadon and brought them home.   We had lunch together and a great visit.  The kids were able to give Sara their mother's day gifts... soap, painted mug, pictures and flowers ( Logan's chocolate strawberries were delivered to the hospital on Thursday).  Jadon seemed to remember some of his toys and enjoyed playing with his siblings.
 We also enjoyed a nice walk.
So nice to enjoy this previous family time and reprieve before the hectic week full of unknowns that lies ahead.


  1. So wonderful to see everyone together…Jadon is looking very healthy and happy! Praying still for the days ahead!

  2. What a special day for all of you! Praying for peace in heading into the the future unknown to you, but planned and secured by the Lord!

    Love from México,
    Steph W

  3. So glad Jadon was able to get a day pass to go home for a little visit :) What a special family picture!! Praying lots for ALL of you. Love, Pam xx