Friday, 29 May 2015

Here comes surgery number four!!!

The surgical team has booked Jadon's bypass surgery for Thursday of next week.  The surgeon told Sara today that they generally perform one of these surgeries each year at Sick Kids.  Due to the complexity of the bypass the cardiac surgeon will be joined by some surgeons from plastic surgery.  With their microscopes, they will work on the revascularization of the tiny blood vessels smaller than 1 mm.  The cardiac surgeon will take care of the 'larger' vessels greater than 1 mm in diameter!
Because there is scarring in the area and the vessel they are looking to repair is in the neighborhood of the conduit that had been installed during his original surgery, the surgeon has expressed some concern with being able to find the vessel to repair. Please continue to pray for help for the medical team and for little Jadon.  He is such an absolute sweetheart!
Yesterday he took several steps on his own in therapy and when Sara got upstairs this poster was already hanging on our door, put there by our amazing physio and occupational therapists!  It is great to see Jadon's progress but sad to think he will be in major surgery one again next week.

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  1. Bonsoir chers Stéphane et Sara,

    We continue to keep you all in our prayers. We just recently started rereading your blog entries and are truly moved by all of the hurdles and medical challenges you have been through. May our great and awesome God keep you in His tender love and care and give you strength to continue supporting Jadon in his uphill battle to improved health. We love you and think of you very often. Que Dieu veille sur vous. Sylvie, Grant, Mylène, Étienne et Élyse (de Calgary)