Friday, 8 May 2015

Time, time, time

The cardiac cath lab procedure for Jadon, planned on Thursday, was postponed and rescheduled for next Wednesday May 13.  The doctor was called away on an emergency procedure at Toronto General.  This means that we sit and wait for another week, before determining if there is any 'fixable' issue with Jadon's heart - particularly the left ventricle (which was not operated on at all).
We are currently at day 87 since first going in to Sick Kids on Februrary 11 for Jadon's surgery.  There is no denying it... it has been a really long haul!  Some weeks go by faster.  Sometimes we feel like we are in a 'new' routine of going to school and work and visiting the hospital and shuffling the kids and rides and it feels like it's sort of normal.  At other times it just feels plain long!  As my mom put it last week... we're sort of past the patience stage, and into the long suffering!

On a positive note about time... it's hard to believe but yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of our Gotcha Day for Li Lin, and today is the 3 year anniversary of the official adoption day.  We were at the hospital yesterday and the other kids were reminiscing about how they felt the morning of the day we were going to get Li Lin.  She was tickled pink (her absolute without a doubt favourite colour!) to hear once again how excited they were.  We celebrated with donuts from Tim Hortons.  A simple celebration but one we were able to share as a family.

So now, we wait.  We should have a much clearer picture of the week ahead once we get the results of the cath lab on Wednesday.

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  1. You guys are real troopers. We pray for you each and every day. Long suffering indeed!