Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Guess how many days til departure?


So today was another memorable day.  Our official travel approval documents came in as did all of our itinerary info.  This one page certificate looking thingy is called TA in China adoptspeak.  It is basically our ticket to pick-up Li Lin.  As our agency plainly stated, no TA no kid.

But no pressure, there are only a bunch of other forms that if lost will create havoc for: leaving China with Li Lin, entering Canada, and applying for citizenship.  Considering the unbelievable amount of things I have lost in the past couple of weeks, prayer would be appreciated!  I call it adoption brain...

The good news is that we are only seven days away now.  Two of these days will be spent at work.  I  have great colleagues at the hospital but I can honestly say I cannot wait to have a 30 week break from my job.  Steph is taking five weeks of the parental leave concurrently with me.  Why you ask?  It's a numbers game.  He either takes five weeks with full pay or two weeks with no pay.  Being a math teacher, it was a bit of a no-brainer for him!  I am looking forward to having him home with Li Lin and I for the first three weeks we are back in Canada.  The other three kids will be back at school so it should be a great time for the two of us to bond with her and spend quality time together! 

Gotta close off now as it is 11:42pm... if I don't post now it will be six days and my cute little number seven will be a thing of the past.

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