Friday, 20 April 2012

Today is Rykauna's final touring day

Since Tuesday, Rykauna has been away on a class trip to our neighbouring country's capitol.  As far as I know, she wasn't able to fit in a visit with the president and his family... she's much too busy!  She plans to take time to visit several museums though.    Just a little plug to those who like cheap vacationing places:  All of the federally owned museums in the DC area are free.

I am thrilled to say her class is planning to return tomorrow morning at seven am.  I will be praying her bus driver sleeps well today and drives safely tonight.  Sleeping all night on a coach might not be the most comfortable but since tomorrow is Saturday she should be able to catch up if needed.  Missing her! 

Just in case some of you are wondering what crazy parents would allow their kids to go on a big school trip then a second international trip eleven days later... apparently we do.  When we signed forms allowing her to go on the school trip we did not know when we would be receive our adoption referral.  We figured that if we hadn't been matched by April with a little girl the trip would be a great diversion for Rykauna.  She was already pining for the referral way back in the fall.  As is turns out it, the trip is still providing a good diversion.  The week before she left and this week she hasn't had much time to think about her little 'mei mei'. 

Her mother and father have been thinking about little 'mei mei' often though.  In fact yesterday a thought crossed my mind that has always crossed my mind every time I've welcomed a new little one into my life, "I just wish mom could meet this new little grandchild."   One thing I do know though, is that mom prayed for her future grandchildren.  For that, I am thankful.  I am also grateful for the time I had with her.  Hope this post doesn't sound too depressing.  Sorry if it makes a few of you tear up.  I think I digressed a bit too much today.  Well I better sign off now and catch a few zzz.  The bus driver is not the only one working night shift tonight! 


  1. Hey beautiful sis,
    Only 10 days left until you leave for CHINA...AAAHH!!! I am so beyond excited for you and Steph and all of the kiddos. I'm super excited for Li Lin because I know that you are both such awesome parents and that she will be thoroughly loved...she already is!! Plus, the love that SHE will bring to the family is a very awesome and exciting thing too. I know what you mean by another child bringing thoughts of our Mom who is in Heaven. I was thinking the other day, too, how that Grandma D. would have LOVED to spoil her but in a way she already has by praying for her before she was even born!! I have to admit that I've thought the same thing a few glad that they were both women of prayer!!! We were so blessed to have them :)
    Love ya, Pam xo

  2. Hey Sara,
    Yes, the mention of your mother did bring tears to my eyes. I miss her terribly so I can imagine you. I had that same thought on your wedding day and also every time one of your children was born. You know what???? Your mother is seeing all these beautiful children and your Godly marriage. God doesn't make mistakes.... The genes are still there... as well as the examples. What a legacy she left behind. Love you Sara. Mom xox

  3. Wonderful blog!
    Have a safe flight and make lots of memories.
    Can't wait to meet Li Lin! Thanks for sharing!