Thursday, 12 April 2012

When the little blue gown won't do...

What should I wear when I meet little Li Lin for the first time?  This silly question along with much more important ones, pops into my head now and again.  When I "met" the other three kids I was wearing the popular choix du jour of the delivery suites.  Yeah, you all know what I mean,  in fact it is such a craze in hospitals everywhere that no matter whether you are having a baby in Anchorage or Miami, Vancouver or Saint John's the outfit is pretty much the same.  Some shade of light blue or maybe green, short sleeves, white ties, no back, and cool crisp cotton.

Obviously though, the little blue gown is out for our first meeting with Li Lin.  So then what to do?  Should we all dress up?  Or will that scare her and make us appear unapproachable?  Should we go middle of  the road?  I'm thinking that is the best bet, however, the pictures taken during this occasion are going to be important ones.  We don't want to seem like we took the adoption process casually... IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to all of us!  I just cannot decide.. most likely we will decide on the day of, by looking into our suitcase and finding the outfits that are the least wrinkled.   


  1. Maybe pack 2 outfits? We wore our nicer casual clothes to meet Lia. Did not know the next day would be the official photo and ceremony day, Brian was wearing shorts and t-shirt!! I am soooo excited you are on your final countdown!!

  2. This previous comment should help you a little bit. But you see.. I am prejudice here. You guys always look great to me and I imagine you will also look great to LiLin. Love you all. Mom

  3. Thanks for the "heads up" on the official photo, Tricia.

    Mom, it is always good to have biased opinions... makes us all feel good!