Saturday, 28 April 2012

Surprises at work~ Sara

Today I worked my second last shift before my much anticipated parental leave.  Although I don't expect to miss working, I will miss the wonderful colleagues I work with.  I can honestly say I work with a great group of people.  Besides being competent at their job and showing a true genuine care for their patients, many of them have great senses of humour and warm personalities.  The group I was on with today sure went out of their way to make my last weekend at work memorable.  I walked into the department and the first thing I saw on the nearest white board was this:

Then I saw this...

 and this...

I, of course appreciated their thoughtfulness.   It didn't end with just the decor though... there was a veggie tray, nachos, delicious dips, cheesecake, and It's a girl! candies.  Not to mention we ordered in lunch... something we do every six weeks when we work this particular weekend together.  So  yeah, we ate plentifully!  So plentifully that we had to save the cheesecake for tomorrow!  I definitely look forward to a slice.   It was all a very pleasant surprise and further reminded me that I really am going to miss these great people for whom I am blessed to call both colleagues and friends. 

So, Cindy, Linda, Lisa H, Lisa J, and Michelle thanks for today... much appreciated! Hugs to all of you!  Linda, photo creds to you for taking the above photos for me on the only day I have shown up to work all year without my cell!

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  1. Wasn't that just wonderful and heart warming Sara? what a great bunch of co-workers you seem to have. I am happy for you. Maybe this will make you look forward to going back next November. Ha! Ha! Mom