Monday, 12 October 2015

This Sunday Evening... another Cardiac Arrest!

Jadon has been in the hospital since last Sunday.  He has been on hi-flo oxygen to maintain proper oxygen saturation.  Each evening he has secretions build up and rough breathing sessions.  Over the last few days he has had a lot of stomach pain, discomfort and bloating after his feeds.  It was decided last night to send him to x-ray to make sure that the g-tube was well placed and that there were no specific issues.  While there, he suddenly got significant respiratory issues and ended up having another cardiac arrest!

He is currently stable on the ventilator in CCCU and seems neurologically intact, for which we are thankful.  He was asking for a saline ampule to play with and for a massage.  The team hopes to scope his fundoplicatoin site either today or tomorrow to slightly dilate it and allow for him to swallow his secretions.  They will also perform a bronchoscopy to look at his trachea.  Praying the team is given wisdom as they continue to treat his very complex condition.

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  1. Not the news we were hoping for at all!! :(
    Praying He will give you all the needed strength!
    XO, Marianne & fam