Saturday, 17 October 2015

Some answers but lots more questions.

Since Jadon's cardiac arrest on Sunday night he has undergone several tests to see if the medical team can determine the cause of his respiratory issues that have really been with him since his fundoplication surgery in early September.

The saliva scan indicated that he was pooling secretions above the fundoplication.  An endoscopy was done to see if the wrap was a little bit too tight and to dilate it if that was the case.  However it was shown to be fine and the opening was appropriate.  Thinking perhaps that there was a A flexible and rigid bronchoscopy were then performed to look at Jadon's trachea.  They found some 'interesting' structures (what isn't interesting about Jadon) but nothing that would indicated reasons for the obstruction/secretion build up.

The cardiac critical care attending physician has indicated that the team plans to continue to try and figure him out.  He was taken off the ventilator yesterday and is breathing on his own with some oxygen again.  He has also started coughing on his own which is encouraging because he has not been doing much of that over the past month.  At the very least the cough can help move secretions along.

So once again Jadon's complex condition raises many questions but provides few answers.  We continue to pray that things can be figured out and he can come home safely with the ability to protect his airway.
Singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... this is the "like a diamond in the sky"

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