Monday, 5 October 2015

Unfortunately, a short stay home!

So Jadon has been readmitted to the hospital with breathing issues.  Since coming home on Wednesday he was gradually needing more and more oxygen.  Finally on Sunday evening we brought him in to Sick Kids as he was having shortness of breath, effort of breathing and was struggling to keep his SATs up.  He spent the night in emergency, was admitted to the Critical Care around 6 am and moved up to the cardiac floor around 2 pm.  He is on hiflo humidified oxygen and is resting relatively stably.  We are hoping and praying that this is just a short stay as they work through his issues.

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  1. How are you all doing? Is Jadon still in hospital? Praying for you all, for Jadons recovery and for strength (and an occasional good nap) for his momma and daddy. Layretta