Friday, 23 October 2015

Back out of Critical Care for the ????th time!

Jadon just got moved back up to the Cardiac Floor this afternoon.  He has been doing better to the point where they took off all breathing help on Wednesday.  The main difference is they have been controlling his secretions using a replogle tube... basically a suction tube partway down his esophagus which is attached to constant suction.  This way his secretions never get an opportunity to build up.  His SATs have been sitting around 95% which is higher than they have been for a very long time.
Jadon's favourite activity... playing with water!
So, they have determined the cause of Jadon's breathing issues leading to his cardiac arrests.  It is a build up of secretions (mostly saliva) in his esophagus, that when he lies down, become an issue in his trachea and occlude his airway.  The problem is that they do not know the cause of the secretion build up!  They have eliminated all of the more common causes and have some tests ordered and a multidisciplinary team meeting planned to discuss the cause and what they can do to deal with it moving forward.  The replogle tube works, but that is not a long-term solution.
Jadon with no nasal prongs - just the replogle tube (and PIC... and g-tube... and EKG leads...)
Million Dollar Smile!

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