Sunday, 26 October 2014

Good Morning Vietnam!

We woke up this morning to another beautiful day.  Here is the view just off our balcony.

Due to the time change and jet lag, wake-up time ranged from 3:30 am to 7:30 am.  Overnight Logan developed a pretty nasty cough.  Due to this we changed plans and stayed close to home-base for the day.  We have been treating Logan's cough with Oil of Oregano, a big dose of effervescent Vitamin C, and lots of garlic for supper.  He might not smell so good, but his cough has improved tremendously!

The two girls seemed to be most energetic and so they and Dad headed out to get a few groceries at a local supermarket. We found most of what we wanted and the two girls got into a little bit of a photoshoot mode.  It works great as on LOVEs to take pictures, and the other one frequently loves to pose.

Names on Coke... same as at home, but the names are different.
Once we got home we whipped up lunch.  After that, Sara took Rykauna, Hudson and Li Lin swimming at the pool.  Li Lin was so excited as she had been asking to use the pool since we got here.  I stayed in the apartment and read a novel (yeah for down time!) to keep an eye on Logan.  The grounds are beautiful.  Here are a couple of pictures: day shots and night shots.

The pool, hot tub and poolside/riverside restaurant
The office and reception area
Coffee shop, outdoor tables, small convenience store
After the swim the kids were getting tired but it was only 3 and we did not want either sleepless kids during the night, or kids getting up at 3 again so... how do you keep kids awake?  You take them shopping!  We took a cab almost just across the highway to a Metro - Vietnam's answer to CostCo!  We needed to pick up a second stroller to use when Jadon joins our family, and also a few gifts for the orphanage.  The kids stayed awake but poor Li Lin and Hudson really struggled.  Li Lin perked up with an ice cream cone... 3000 Vietnamese Dong, which works out to about $0.15.  This is probably going to be a common treat while we are here!  Here is the parking lot of the Metro - gives a perspective to the scooter/motorbike stories of our arrival!
On our way in, Sara was stopped and pulled aside.  The rest of us walked through and we were wondering what the problem was.  Sara was sort of frisked and steered into a side area.  Eventually an English speaking local explained that she could not walk in with her purse.  But Sara had her purse and nowhere to leave it.  Here is the compromise!
This was wrapped and stapled shut by a store employee
Like all good large membership stores, Metro had plenty of samples so the kids had a little snack while roaming around.  Once we got back home, Sara and I rushed to whip up a simple pasta supper before our children succumbed to the strong pull of sleep.  We just managed to get the little ones fed.  Li Lin was literally chewing with her eyes closed, giggling and asking if she could go to bed.  As Sara was finally tucking her in, Li Lin said "Thank-you mommy for taking me swimming.  I had such a great time!"  She is really a sweet little girl.  We were both struck by the thought that just 2 1/2 years ago, we were in China, just days away from adopting her into our family.  Now, we can not even imagine our family without her!

As the little ones were going to bed, Rykauna stepped onto he balcony for some evening shots.  It gets dark early here - by 7 the sun is set.  Here are a couple of the setting sun.


  1. Oh...I enjoyed reading this.. your description of the kids is quite vivid so I can well imagine what they look like....The pictures are also great. Thanks also to your photographer for the sunset pics. Sure hope and pray that you all sleep well and are in full form. Sure glad you went there a few days before picking up Jadon as you don't know what awaits you.
    Love you all and praying for you every time I think about you which is quite often. Mom Parent xoxoxo

  2. Good to catch up to what's gone on so far :) The Sharps

  3. It's been great to follow your journey to Vietnam, so far, and to hear everything is going well! We will continue to pray for safe travels, good health and a smooth transition for Jadon. So exciting! Thanks for sharing your adoption experience with us! Tracy