Monday, 27 October 2014

More changes in our plans

This morning Logan's cough took a turn for the worse.  He could not stop coughing despite our best efforts to treat him here at the apartment.  He had this dry hack that sounded very similar to an  asthmatic like cough.    He was finding he had to sit up instead of lying down.   Since the air quality is very poor here, we assumed he was reacting to the air here.  It turns out he has a respiratory virus that he picked up before leaving home or contracted on the plane.  There were a few passengers with bad hacking coughs sitting nearby on the long 15hr flight to Taiwan.
According to the doctor at the western-style medical clinic we visited, he is not only fevered and weak but contagious... and we were scheduled to pick up little Jadon tomorrow. The doctor checked him for influenza and RSV, both of which were lab tested to be negative.  I was amazed at this clinic.  It seems to run like a cross between a family practice and an ER.  He was "triaged" similarly to how someone would be triaged at an emergency department.  He sat down on a chair while an RN asked questions, typed info into a computer and put him on a monitor to check heart rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure.  I noticed to my right a room labelled the "trauma room".  It looked like a typical ER room used for acutely ill patients.  I was impressed!  The consult rooms were super cute with an examination bed shaped and designed to be a cartoonized hippo.  This clinic is open 24/7 and has an ambulance parked outside to be used for transport to hospital if needed.  We did not wait long for treatment, had a swab done, and got our meds all in the same place.  They also have radiology services available onsite.  Talk about efficient service.  (I am sharing this information as a FYI for other parents adopting in Vietnam that the Diamond Plaza Family Medical Practice seems to be a good option if you have to use the medical system here)  There is also a branch in Hanoi and Danang. 
Upon arrival back to the suite, Steph contacted our adoption agency rep here and explained the situation.  We came to the decision together to postpone our picking up of Jadon for a few days until Logan is no longer feverish and contagious.  This virus, whatever it is, would NOT be good for Jadon.  It may make him really, really ill.  Seeing what it has done to Logan, makes us fearful to expose Jadon to this.  Jadon has already spent his fair share of time in hospital for pneumonias and respiratory illness.  We are just praying Logan gets over this quickly and that none of the others get sick.  Li Lin has a touch of a cough that started today but she does not seem sick at all...hopefully she stays well.

We are doing all we can to try to stimulate everyone's immune systems: plenty of fresh garlic, big doses of vitamin C and extra strength oil of oregano drops. 

Logan slept for the better part of the afternoon and is responding well to the symptom control meds.  Although still very weak and lethargic, he is at least not coughing continuously.  I stayed in with him this afternoon (and napped) while Steph and the other three children went swimming at the resort style pool.  Since we are significantly hampered in what we can do right now, we are very thankful that the gated compound here is so amazing!  It is beautiful, very clean, and safe.  We often see kids riding around on their bikes carefree.  There is a restaurant, coffee shop, small convenience mart, spa, and a free laundromat on the compound.  This resort style community caters to foreigners.  We have seen two other adoptive families here.  One family, from France, had a newly adopted little girl.  Steph got to brush up on his French while chatting with this family.

After the swim, Steph and the two youngest napped, while Rykauna and I hit the coffee shop and started the laundry.  We had a lovely walk around the grounds of complex before the thunder and lightning curtailed our wanderings.   Thanks to a fully functioning kitchen, we were able to once again eat-in.  Logan is not up to leaving the couch, so we are feeling blessed that our suite is so commodious!

What can I say...tomorrow is a new day. 



  1. Sorry to read about the set back.Praying that everything pans out. Heart and thoughts are with you. Grandpapa

  2. I was so looking forward to reading this blog as I knew it would contain news of Logan. Glad the meds seem to be working.
    Quite an experience at the clinic. Happy it turned out like that.
    Praying for all of you...hoping that everyone else stay healthy. Thank you Lord for the available pool to keep the other kids busy.
    Love you all.
    Grand-maman xoxo xo